Dangerous Seed

Dangerous Seed
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Dangerous Seed[a] is a 1989 vertically scrolling shooter arcade game developed and published in Japan by Namco. Controlling one of three different starships, the player is tasked with destroying an alien race known as the Danger Seed before they wipe out all of mankind. Each ship has their own set of weapons and abilities, such as shots that dissolve enemies and target-seeking projectiles, and can sustain multiple hits before being destroyed. The player's ships can also combine into a new ship, the Moon Diver, featuring a stronger shield and additional weapons. It ran on the Namco System 1 hardware.
The game was designed by Yuichiro Shinozaki, a character artist for Namco's own Babylonian Castle Saga franchise, with music composed by Yoshinori Nagumo. Early versions of the game were known as Kristallkern, which remains in-game during the end credits. A conversion for the Sega Mega Drive was released a year later in 1990, which included new features such as additional stages and an arranged soundtrack. Dangerous Seed was met with mixed reviews from critics — although the game was praised for its graphics, fast-paced gameplay and soundtrack, it was criticized for lacking originality and for being unable to stand out among other similar games. Some reviewers stated it was one of the better shoot'em ups released for the Mega Drive.
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