Divine Sealing

Divine Sealing
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Divine Sealing (ディヴァインシーリング) is a pornographic shoot-'em-up by Studio Fazzy for the Sega Mega Drive, most likely made in 1991 (although the game itself doesn't say). It was one of the earliest unlicensed Mega Drive games, however unlike most such games during the Mega Drive's production run, originated in Japan. The game intersperses hentai scenes with lots of text in between each level, though the levels themselves have nothing inappropriate in them. Due to the lack of a TMSS $A14000 check, the game will only work on most Model 1 Mega Drives.
The game appears to use Task Force Harrier EX's sound driver.
★ Complete with Case, manual, gamecartridge
★ Gameclub ReproGames exclusive Release 
★ Gameplay (In-Game) : Japanese
★ Box / Manual : Japanese