Dragon Force

Dragon Force
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Dragon Force is a real-time strategy and tactics role-playing video game from Sega created for the Sega Saturn. 
It was created in Japan and translated for North American release by Working Designs in 1996, a translation that was also used by Sega in Europe under license from Working Designs.
The game's main selling point was that battles involve up to 200 soldiers fighting on screen in real time, causing them to be often likened to the battle scenes in the then-recent film Braveheart.
Upon its release, critics resoundingly praised Dragon Force for its melding of the war simulation and story-driven RPG genres, and it remains one of the Saturn's most highly regarded games. 
A sequel, later translated by fans, was released for the Saturn in Japan in 1998. The first game was re-released for the PlayStation 2 as part of the Sega Ages series. 
An emulated version for the PlayStation 3 was released as a PS2 Classic in July 2012 in Japan.
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