Duke Nuke 3D

Duke Nuke 3D
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Duke Nukem 3D for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis is a little-known port of Duke Nukem 3D. It was released only in Brazil by local Sega distributor Tec Toy in 1998 and re-released in the whole world in 2015 by Piko Interactive. It is a highly simplified version of the game, going so far as to only include a simplified version of the second episode, Lunar Apocalypse. Rather than porting the level design from the original game, this version features original levels with a flat layout and 90-degree angles only (similar to Wolfenstein 3D). Textures, sprites, and sounds are largely ported from the PC version in greatly reduced quality. The game is considered to be very advanced for the Sega Genesis 16-bit console. At the very beginning of the game, there is no storyline. If it counts, the back cover of the game gives a brief explanation on what to expect from the game's storyline; "It's time to kick some ass! Alien killers are about to invade Los Angeles. From one moment to another, the human race becomes threatened with extinction. Now only Duke Nukem can prevent this massacre on planet Earth, doing what he does best: EXPLODING, DETONATING, MASSACRE, SKINNING and ANNIHILATING aliens!" (Translated by BroNsisGaming )
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