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Gaiares (ガイアレス) is a 1990 shoot-'em-up by Telenet Japan released first for the Sega Mega Drive in the Japan and US, published by Renovation Products. The US version also came with a poster. It was one of the first games to use 8 Megabit instead of 4 Megabit cartridges, a big portion of that is used for cutscenes. A specific European version was planned by Ubisoft but it did not materialise. Thereafter, the Japanese version has been officially distributed in small number (japanese shell and box with manual translated in many languages).
During development it was known as Aztion (アズシオン).
In the year 3000, humans have polluted Earth to such an extent that Gulfer, a group of space pirates, plan to use the pollution to fuel weapons of mass destruction. The United Star Cluster of Leezaluth feel the only way to stop this from happening is to blow the Sun up, but allows the humans one chance to save themselves: by sending Dan Dare (Diaz in Japan) in a special ship to stop Gulfer.
Aiding Dan in a special sub-ship is the TOZ System, run by Leezaluth emissary Alexis, which can steal powers from the space pirates's own ships. Should you succeed, Leezaluth will give the humans a new planet to inhabit.
★ Complete with Case, manual, gamecartridge
★ Gameclub ReproGames exclusive Release 
★ Gameplay (In-Game) : Japanese
★ Box / Manual : Japanese