Mazing Saga

Mazing Saga
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Mazin Saga: Mutant Fighter[b] is a 1993 hybrid beat 'em up/fighting video game developed by Almanic Corporation, in conjunction with ALU and Team "Saga", and published by Vic Tokai for the Sega Genesis in North American and later in Japan and Europe by Sega. Based upon Go Nagai's MazinSaga mecha manga,[1] which is considered a combination of Nagai's Mazinger and Devilman franchises, players assume the role of Koji Kabuto wielding the Mazinger Z armor to fight against powerful 'Bio Beasts' led by God Kaiser Hell. Co-directed by Satsuki Mizuno, Takashi Yoneda and "Tommy Bon Bon", the title was created by most of the same team that worked on previous projects at Almanic such as E.V.O.: Search for Eden. It was met with mostly positive reception from critics since its release.
★ Complete with Case, gamecartridge and Manual
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★ Gameplay (In-Game) : Japanese
★ Box / Manual : Japanese