Metal Slug Warfare!

Metal Slug Warfare!
Product no.: AD2704
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A special adaptation of the famous SNK's classic Run'n'Gun for the amazing SEGA Megadrive/Genesis !! 
A typical survival / Scoring funny gameplay with frantic action and progressive difficulty! 
A special Ranking system !
Try to free the prisoner to gain a whole arsenal of powerful weapons !!
Fight against various enemies as well as air units !
Your best scores will be saved for challenges with your friends ( Need SRAM support  ! )
FM Musics by Vetea & MrData, SFX by Vetea.
Code by Vetea. Powered with the famous  SGDK by Stephane Dallongeville.
Graphics ©SNK and adapted for the Megadrive by Vetea.
50 / 60 Hz compatible game.
Version 2.2A
★ Complete with Case, gamecartridge without Manual
★ Gameclub ReproGames exclusive Release 
★ Gameplay (In-Game) : English version 2.2A (game incomplete)
★ Box / Manual : English