Samurai Spirit

Samurai Spirit
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Samurai Shodown (ura イ ス ピ リ ッ ツ Samurai Supirittsu ?, Samurai Spirits) is an arcade video game developed and published in 1993 by SNK for Neo Geo. First title of the fighting game series at Samurai Shodown matches, the game has been converted for several consoles [1].
Samurai Shodown was among the first two-dimensional brawlers to modify the classic game structure to Street Fighter II by choosing a different combat system and introducing new graphic effects and zoom during battles. As for the style change it is possible to compare this game to Soul Blade, which has made the same changes with regard to three-dimensional fighting games.
It has become famous above all for the characteristic represented by the weapons, which is rare in the fighting games versus. The events of Samurai Shodown are placed towards the end of the 18th century, from the spring of 1788.
It is among the Japanese video games where in the various conversions all the characteristics of the Japanese culture present in the original version remain.
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