Shining Force III

Shining Force III
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Shining Force III (シャイニング・フォースIII, Shainingu Fōsu III) is a fantasy turn-based tactics role-playing video game designed for the Sega Saturn by Camelot Software Planning. It is a continuation of the Shining series. Comprising three separate but overlapping storylines, Shining Force III was released in three volumes. Camelot Soft also issued a Premium Disc featuring artwork, a character model viewer, and additional battles as a giveaway for players who sent in proof of purchase for all three volumes.
In North America and Europe, only the first volume was released.
★ Complete with Case, manual, CD USA Version
★ Gameclub ReproGames exclusive Release 
★ Gameplay (In-Game) : English
★ Box / Manual : English