Time Killers

Time Killers
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Time Killers is a 1992 weapon-based fighting arcade game developed by Incredible Technologies and published by Strata.
Along with Allumer's Blandia, Time Killers is one of the earliest weapon-based fighting games modeled after Capcom's 
Street Fighter II (1991). It was later overshadowed by the success of SNK's 1993 weapon-based fighting game, Samurai 
Shodown. In Time Killers, eight warriors from different periods in history face off with each other, and then Death, 
for a chance at immortality.
A home port for the Sega Genesis was released four years after the arcade version, after having been delayed and 
even cancelled for a time. It was met with overwhelmingly negative reviews. A port was released in 2021 for the 
iiRcade Home Arcade console by BASH Gaming Studio.
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